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10 Things I wish Indian Startups did differently
1 min read

10 Things I wish Indian Startups did differently

I recently did a webinar with Siddharth Vaze in The CEO Chair on the topic. Some of the things we discussed were :

  1. Thinking Global from Day One (What does this actually mean for Founders)
  2. The Way We Start – (3 top pieces of advice for someone who wants to startup, value creation, skillset & mindset)
  3. Tempering the Mind – (What is an entrepreneurial mindset? Can it be honed/taught?)
  4. Fundraising – VC vs Bootstrapping. (Dos & Don’ts)
  5. Building a Team – What’s the best approach
  6. Solo vs Cofounders - 3 top tips to finding the best co-founder
  7. Developing Range (when to think 10,000 ft strategy and when to think tactics). Making a few HQ decisions.
  8. Building a Community & Distribution - Reading the market
  9. Communication Skills - overrated or essential for founders? 3 top tips
  10. Misplaced expectations from the "Ecosystem
  11. Capital Efficiency - the big problem haunting Indian Startups.

Additional Conversations :

  • Not moving past Low-Cost or Product
  • What can/should Women Founder do differently to build successful startups?

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