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Can you validate your startup idea without code?
1 min read

Can you validate your startup idea without code?

I get this question. And I get it quite a bit.

So caveat here is that the product or service is not tech. If the business is about building apps for someone, or building a flying machine etc, then its quite hard to do that without the technical kn0w-how.

But fact is 95% of the startup ideas in the world are about better process.

Most businesses focus on improving on one of the three elements - cheaper, better, faster.

You can achieve Better and faster through better processes to a large extent (with a little help from tech).

The role of Tech in startups is that it does two things really well - it can scale (relatively low cost) and it can help automate. That's what the cash register ring.

But early on when you are evaluating a business idea and trying to get a sense of whether there is market demand for a service, you can do that without necessarily having to write code.

Dunzo validated its model with relatively no code. And there are plenty of such examples of experiments that succeeded and failed (thank god! else it would have cost a whole lot for nothing).

I've been talking to several entrepreneurs around this and thought it was a good idea to put together a webinar to share a summary - so that folks would benefit.

I do these sessions, because it forces me to start from the beginning and synthesize all my thoughts together on a topic and gives me better clarity to build on top of.

It will be a 35-45 min session. Followed by Interactive questions via Google Meets.

If you'd like to register (or know someone who has been asking you about this), you can register via this link.

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