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Gratitude: The essential ingredient
2 min read

Gratitude: The essential ingredient

Saw this post from Ankur Warikoo (who built Nearbuy and sold to groupon) and realised this phenomenon is sadly true.

1. Why do we hesitate to give appreciation for things we like, find useful and enjoy?

2. As startup entrepreneurs how can we change this attitude and behaviour (starting with ourselves)?

3. Identify 5 things that you don't pay for, but are happy it exists and express our gratitude so that they are aware - and do that as a habit regularly, expressing our gratitude for one thing every week.

It might be a foolhardy to think that we survive and thrive because of our own wits and our ability to pay for everything we need. Even if we did, that would get tiresome very soon.

Someone once said that Artists can even live in poverty with a smile, but it hurts when nobody cares - and sadly, only when an artist dies does even great art find its appreciation.

If you ask most entrepreneurs what would be one thing that they would wish differently, one of the top 5 answers would be 'a better ecosystem'. What we don't realize is that entrepreneurs are the engines of any ecosystem - we are an ecosystem of peers and everyone else - be it venture capitalists, governments, accelerators & incubators, academia are all bystanders.

The machinery doesn't work if entrepreneurs don't do what they do - chase that madness of bringing into existence something that doesn't exist yet. And then make it sustainable - which isn't an easy task.

We all very well know it is madness, and that's why when it is working - it would really really really help to know (hint hint : If you find these newsletters useful, say thanks once a while - it's always good to hear from you).

PS: Any feedback is good - even ones where you send brickbats, because someone caring enough to send constructive feedback means it is coming from a place where there is still care and concern (though you should sandwich it with some positives). The opposite of love isn't hate, it is indifference.

There are three stages that startups find themselves in :

  1. those who are in fire fighting mode (where things are caught up in the vicious cycle and they are trying to fix them and slow down / stop the cycle)
  2. those that are in survival mode - where what they are building is useful, but is seen as transactional.
  3. And then there are startups that  deliver exceptionally, and are trying so hard to start the virtuous cycle, but stuck and not able to go beyond.

The key ingredient for that to happen is positive word of mouth - without which services like Clubhouse wouldn't be valued at what they are.

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It is often said that we need the mentality of Silicon valley where failure isn't chided, but what we need (and should seed) is a culture of gratitude and appreciation where good things can find wind beneath their wings.

Also, There is much in each of our lives to be grateful for - not just the services we consume and the products we use, but also people.

A word of praise is what most people crave for - even more than money - and it costs us nothing. But in return will earn you loyalty.

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