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Gauging Competition
1 min read

Gauging Competition

When it comes to startups, "fake it till you make it" has become a rule.

So quite often you will see that your competitors look perfect - they say all the right things, their social media presence is on the dot, the copy on the website is spot on and everything looks polished.

If so, how do you strategize to get an edge?

Pro Tip : Looking at the offerings page on the website, and looking at their careers section is a good way to tell where you can expect the gaps to be in terms of value offered.

For eg, If it is a SaaS offering and the startup is looking to hire their architect or head of engineering, I would expect some downtime with the service sooner or later.

You don't need to call them out for having downtime, but you can position yourself as a reliable, low-downtime alternative.

If the company is looking to hire a lot of folks in the design and UX dept, it's going to surprise me if it is the most intuitive product to use.

If they are a hardware company and looking for a China liaison or a supply chain specialist, you know they are having production issues to sort out.

Once you have this wee bit of intelligence, you can always do a quick search on twitter to correlate whether that is true.

Every company has a weak spot. If you are looking to strategize against your competitors, this is one way to get an edge.

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