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Living "Fruitfully"
2 min read

Living "Fruitfully"

The last two years have been uncertain and honestly, nobody knows what the next five years will look like - we just know it won't look like the past five years.

I find trees to be fascinating. Lately, during walks, I have started noticing the different varieties of trees I pass by and how each of them are structured. Some seem to have phenomenal symmetry, some seem to thrive in chaos and there are others that are just following the sun.

What I find even more fascinating is that behind every humongous tree, is often a seed - and a small one at that.

And despite what the next 100 years might be like, they patiently channel the best version of themselves into seeds and they fall to the ground and they sprout.

If you feel a bit confused and are anxious, I'd suggest growing a tree. Don't go to a nursery. Don't get the biggest / tallest tree. It doesn't have to be grafted or anything fancy.

Take a seed, any seed of a tree that you like, drop it in a pot and water it. There is something about watching it grow that calms me down. It tells me that there is a future ahead, but that I need to be patient. And that the key to success is in "baby steps".

It is hard to grow a tree and not have hope for at least the next 4-5 years when you will either start seeing the tree come to form or bloom or bear fruits.

I've had a vegetable garden every year for a while now. But you also know in the back of your mind that it is seasonal. This year, I threw a couple of custard apple seeds into a grow bag and watching them sprout and grow, has really been ... therapeutic. What is even mind-boggling is how much I care about them knowing very well that I might not even eat a single fruit from these trees nor sit in its shades.

But the idea that a tree can live 100 years and bear fruit, feed people and birds and outlast the person who enabled it, does make you think.

I presume that's why the word we use to denote a life well lived is "fruitful"?

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