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Mentors don't scale
1 min read

Mentors don't scale

The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that mentorship doesn't scale. For every  capable mentor, there are a disproportionate number of those wanting guidance, that it simply isn't humanly possible to scale.

Mentors are humans too, and they are also limited in their time (and patience) as to how much they can contribute back - as much as good intentions of Paying it Forward, exists.

What could be done is content - asking those who have done it to share, be it interviews, articles, podcasts so that one can see the thought process in action, to emulate some of that till they find their own footing. THAT, scales.

The goal of mentorship is to teach the art of making high quality decisions as an entrepreneur, and that doesn't happen by a few sessions here and there.

We can almost learn any skill or craft, by starting off with imitating the process, over a period of time adapting and figuring out our own voice and style.

It is said that when a mother eagle knows that its chicks have grown flight feathers, it will simply start breaking the nest and pushing them off the cliff - and that's the only way they learn to fly. Conveniently, it also nests in high places, planning all that beforehand. The best way to learn is by doing - failing, and then adapting. And then doing it our own way, with style.

What is also needed today is diversity. There are so many styles of leadership and value building that we need enough range and depth of individuals, so that aspiring entrepreneurs can find someone who thinks, and is wired like them, than everyone trying to be ditto copies of ONE.

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