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Messaging to the Tribe
1 min read

Messaging to the Tribe

Graffiti building
Photo by Jane Duursma / Unsplash

One of the strongest messaging you can adopt - to build a niche and differentiation with your audience - is to talk about the way you work and deliver. And the why.

People like us, do things like this - is a powerful statement.

It also dovetails into the starting point where you solve a problem for yourself, because there is no elegant way to solve it yet, and hence you build and also find others who feel the same way.

Offerings like Postman, where you are building platforms and tools, especially leverage this tribal messaging model. You find yourself no longer competing with products on a feature to feature basis.

There are some very powerful consumer brands that have been built around this core model. In the B2C model, it is usually anchored around a creator and an audience.

Those who have the same kind of ethos, and seek similar outcomes, find themselves at ease with each other. The strategy of open startups - where you are as transparent as possible, because the more open you are, the greater your moat and tribal signalling - is quite relevant here.

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