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Monthly Office Hour - #1
1 min read

Monthly Office Hour - #1

Over the past few months, I've had the privilege of dropping into your inbox.

We are a 1000+ community at the moment (woohoo!), and several of you have been writing back with appreciation and follow up questions. Some of you have even been gracious enough to point out the typos that I made (embarrassed, but thankful!)

I have a feeling there are several of you who have questions and conversations, but just haven't taken the time to shoot off that email.

As a way of getting to know you all better, and also as a way for you to ask follow up questions about anything I had written about (or you think I should be writing about), I will be hosting the first monthly Office Hours this Saturday, the 20th of March.

If you haven't had a chance to register yet for it, please do.

One of the thoughts brewing in my mind right now are thoughts around how hard it is for startups to sell premium products and services in India and what are some best practices / pitfalls to avoid. You might get some early glances during the office hour.

If you've gone through any of the BlackBook Ideas, that I've been sending out every weekend and have some clarifications or questions, You can do that as well. There are over 30 startup Ideas as of now - and I thought I'd run out after 10!

We'd have spots for about a 100 members. So if you want to attend, please block your spot right away.

See you face to face (virtually).


Vijay Anand (aka) The Startup Guy

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