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Rebuilding in 2022
1 min read

Rebuilding in 2022

As an entrepreneur, I don't really subscribe to the idea of a new year. Time flows, and isn't really punctuated by days and months and calendar years.

While a 'year' can be a quantified way of assessing progress for those who are employed and enjoying the blissful life, for those who are change-makers (entrepreneurs included) think in terms of seasons.

There are roughly 8 stages of life, marked by a decade in each. As the stage changes, so does the context we live in - there is a season for childhood, for friendship, for romance, for contribution, for family, for investing (for the latter years and in the next generation) and the season of creating legacies.

While those seasons are true for almost everyone, for entrepreneurs and the projects we take on, it might at time feel like it's been years since we started working on the things we are working on. A yearly assessment, might even be discouraging to look at.

There are two ways to check progress :

  1. Are you still passionate about what you are working on?
  2. If the project is over 1000 days, can you take 15-30 days away from it, where your team (and processes) can keep it afloat.

If the answer to the above is a Yes on both accounts, then keep at it. Else, think about what else is it that you could be doing that no one else can.

With everything that has been going on with the world, I strongly feel that 2022 is the year of rebuilding and rebuilding it better and stronger. I wish you and your family (and team) a great year ahead.

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