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Startups and Politics ⚔️
1 min read

Startups and Politics ⚔️

Whenever a group of people come together to accomplish a common goal, influence and the bartering of it become inevitable.

The other word for it is politics. It isn't necessarily a bad thing - it just refers to members of the group ensuring that their interests are covered. This phenomenon happens in organizations as well. The question however is to notice what is the interest.

If you notice that an org has a culture of individual interests triumphing the mission of the organization/group, then it is no longer effective.

Startups have a culture where the mission triumphs over everything else and individuals are willing to de-prioritize or sacrifice their interests to achieve the collective goal.

It's hard to define what a startup is, but spend a day and observe it - and it is easy to tell which org isn't one.

As a leader, your goal is to not only make the mission of the startup abundantly clear, but ensure that it is enforced and everyone is aligned to it, till it is achieved.

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