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Evaluate Everything. Don't Copy.
1 min read

Evaluate Everything. Don't Copy.

Evaluate all of your competition. but don't copy.

Instagram has this feature called stories. It was such a hit, that every other social network has tried to emulate it - Facebook added it to its main platform, soon Linkedin followed, and so did Twitter.

Twitter shut it down as quickly as they had launched it. Linkedin is planning to. do the same.

Features are linked to the underlying dynamics of the system you are building, and the kind of user base you have. Ditto copying features is a sure shot way to fail - and annoy some of your core customers in the process.

Think of features like the green shoots on top and the userbase as the roots of the plant. Just because a carrot top looks cool, doesn't mean you can pluck it and stick it on the roots of a tomato plant.

By ditto copying the feature (and failing) the team have done the disservice of pruning an entire branch of ideas that might have helped the platform evolve.

Evaluate everything that your competitors are doing. But don't copy. If you can find a strong use case for your customer base for whom the feature would make sense, adapt it. That's the difference between stealing and copying.

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