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Sunday Musings: On First Movers, Brilliant Ideas & Note Taking.
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Sunday Musings: On First Movers, Brilliant Ideas & Note Taking.

First mover is a good strategic position. Fast follow is sometimes a better strategy though.

We'll talk more about this in elaborate this coming week as to what it means.

99% of the time when someone says, "I have a brilliant idea", It seldom is. Don't tell people how to feel. Don't oversell it. Don't undersell it either. Pitch with level headedness, and watch as the gears turn and they go "whoa!!" That's what you want to achieve.

Note taking is a very underestimated skill. Even in the managerial level, I've seen very few folks take notes the right way. The rule I was taught is, it is not a summary - more so not "your" summary. It is a documentation of every min of the meeting captured in a neutral way.

The minutes of a meeting are a good way to check how effectively you are running meetings. If you had a sixty minute meeting and the minutes has 10 points, clearly there could be a tightening of the process (the first meeting is an exception).

This Wiki is a good place to start on how to take notes.

This is an interesting point - and the tweet has gone viral with over 3K retweets. The only thing I'd add here is the use of the word ego. The meaning for Ego is how we value ourselves. With too much Ego, you get a megalomaniac, with too less you get someone who has self esteem issues. What you want is a balanced level - one where you are confident of your strengths but also aware of your weaknesses so that you have a steady footing. In other words, You want to be your biggest fan and greatest critic.

New on BlackBook Ideas this week:

If you haven't gotten a chance to read the latest Blackbook Ideas on Hypermedia, do check it out. I talk about how the traditional media like Television and Radio will evolve and intersect with digital. (Paid Content)

Television and Radio have been one of the oldest mass market broadcast mediums for a long time. But the campaigners of today, need better and nuanced means of engaging with their audience. That brings the hypermedia opportunity to the fore.

Stay Safe and have a great weekend!

~ Vijay

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