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The Ritual and the Sacrifice
2 min read

The Ritual and the Sacrifice

The Ritual and the Sacrifice

Have you noticed, that it is not always the smartest people who win? That, even in an ecosystem, those who have the most boldest and daring vision are yet to achieve what would be considered success?

Success in my definition, would be - being in a position to do more of the things that you LOVE doing, and none or less of the the things that you HAVE to.

Yet it is not the smartest of folks who achieve it. It is those who are consistent.

The problem with being too smart is that you start leveraging that as your crutch. Everything has to be mind-blowingly amazing, or it doesn't interest you. Success on the other hand is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. That routine, bores the super smart ones.

This was a realization that I came to, recently - that to succeed you need to have a ritual and a sacrifice. And in a sense this is what religious beliefs do.

With a sacrifice you ask yourself, if this is what you want - because you have to choose it over something that you equally like, admire and enjoy.

With a ritual, you make that commitment time and time again, which helps you to focus on what is ahead of you. It sets you on a frame of mind to create - and not wait for inspiration or "genius" to knock. One brick at a time.

It is not those who have the ability to start a fire who win, it is those who know how to control it.

When you are making a sacrifice to achieve something, the 99% of the perspiration tasks don't look tedious to you, but something that is a means to get to where you need to get to. And along the way, you'll learn something that will help you when you reach the summit. The ritual, keeps you in the path and keeps you going early at dawn, forces you to go to bed early, cause you need to rise again the next day to continue the journey.

It comes down to the ritual and the sacrifice, and it is that which gets us to the top. What is your ritual?

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