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The Stress Factor
1 min read

The Stress Factor

There are two words that are synonymous with the startup world - one is stress and the other being burnout.

But it is a bit odd because there are some startup founders who seem to so productive and seemingly having a ball of a time, and then there are others doing as much as they can, but stressed out and at the verge of burnout.

It does make one wonder, doesn't it? Having personally been through a burnout (and it sucks), this is what I've observed and learnt.

There is a certain amount of effort that goes into doing an activity. If the inputs yield the appropriate outcomes, then we are encouraged to continue - we live to fight another day.

In scenarios, where the outcome is lower than the input costs (time, effort & energy) that "loss" starts to translate into stress. The reactive tendency is often to do more, trying to bully the situation in our favor - and if the hurdle is far too much, that adds up and leads to a burnout.

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When we get the machinery working in a rhythm and for every effort that we put in, we are able to multiply the outcome, what you are left with is a release of motivation (and that keeps you and your team going for a long time). It is also that point when you start to witness where those successful entrepreneurs are at.

Sometimes the best thing to do, when you push and you witness some pushback, is to give it time and come back to it another time. Or find a lever.

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