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Building of a Tribe

You should unsubscribe if you answer yes to any of the following:

  • You are looking for gossip / news on the startup ecosystem
  • You are not an entrepreneur, nor intend to become one
  • Fundraising is the #1 priority
  • You are not sure about the difference between a startup and a small business
  • You are not interested in building a remarkable startup

I started this newsletter as a way to build a community of entrepreneurs who are building remarkable startups.

I realized over the past few years that it is getting harder and harder to have a conversation on social media. Any post or viewpoint that you put across becomes bait for trolls, instead of being able to debate the issue, building depth and building on it (with everyone coming out of it with an increased understanding).

As a nascent ecosystem, there are still things that we need to evolve on, and the noise in social media simply hinders that evolution of thought from happening.

I believe in the idea of building something remarkable - a startup that is worth remarking about in terms of the problem it is solving, the way it is going about solving it and the remarkable depth of conviction by its founders.

The goal of this newsletter and community would be to engage in conversations that elevate our startup game.

There is a 1000 member experiment that I am conducting.

This newsletter unlike other newsletters won't chase the madness of trying to accrue as many people as possible. In fact I would like to keep the number of members in this list no more than 1000. We are currently already at 1000. The idea for 1000 members comes from Kevin Kelley's Idea of 1000 True Fans

Which means, at the end of every week, if there are new subscribers to the list, the equal number of members who are the least engaged (opening emails, and interacting) will be gracefully unsubscribed - to save your inbox, and for me to achieve the goal of a deeply engaged community.

If you are being unsubscribed, you will receive an email from me notifying you, and you will be welcome to join anytime back.

There is a slack channel for BlackBook Tribe members, where there is active discussion around the topics that I write about, a chance for members to connect with each other and also unrestricted access to the #Ideas archive. If you'd like to be part of that, Become a member of the Tribe.

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