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What is Unique about a Startup?
1 min read

What is Unique about a Startup?

I put up a facebook post yesterday on the three basic elements that every startup needs, which started quite a conversation.

I think there is very little that is said in terms of the process and model that makes a startup distinctly different from a startup.

The big difference between a typical business and a startup is in terms of the process and model that it operates on.

In a typical business, value is transactional. Every lead or order that comes in, you assign people, resources, time and deliver on the outcome and then you are back to it again, over and over again.

In a startup, what you are building is a fly wheel which creates residual value in the business and model each time you deliver value, and that grows and grows that the cost of delivering each time dramatically reduces.

I personally feel, this is the least talked about when it comes to startups - and entrepreneurs get stuck in the transactional model and try to build residual value and they keep losing people (and are back to square one each time) and eventually give up.

Remember: the key element of a startup is building the flywheel.

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